Sinibell farm holidays

Sinibell farm is located on a waterway leading down to the mighty Kymi river. Traces of Stone Age settlement and Viking Age burials in the neighbourhood indicate human presence for millennia. Local lore and Swedish maps from the 17th-18th centuries prove that people from Lahti Hollola – some 70 miles away – held hunting and fishing rights in the area, and the local population then subsisted on tar burning and farming. Today, only part of the fields are under active cultivation, but many modern summerhouses border lakes and streams.Within easy reach are the UNESCO World Heritage site, Verla factory museum, the Repovesi National Park, and local sites with natural beauty spots and places of historical interest.The Nordic concept of Everyman’s Right permits everybody to walk in the forests and fields. You are free to go berry-picking and mushrooming everywhere, or take a swim in the lakes and streams. In winter, you can ski all over fields and forests, making your own cross-country track or using existing tracks.
Sinibell farm holidays date back to 1978, and are now managed by the second generation. Harri and Karoliina Suikkanen welcome house guests and day visitors, providing party services, meeting facilities and full board.


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